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SuperPreview für IE Browser Testing

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Guten Morgen, das habe ich gestern bei webdesignerdepot gefunden! D.h. man kann in diesem Programm IE6, IE7 und IE8 in einer Umgebung testen und vergleichen:

  • Pointer Modes: Allows you to click on individual page sections for comparison. The section’s HTML tag name, its class or ID name, size and position attributes are displayed in the status bar.
  • Image viewing: Compare Photoshop comp against the baseline browser to ensure that everything lines up in the browser to match your original design.
  • Dom Highlighting: You can highlight specific DOM elements to see which where there are alignment differences between the browsers. It displays the positions of  the rendered elements and their CSS properties.
  • Positioning Guides/Rulers: Use rulers to measure the layout differences between browsers. When you position a ruler in one browser window, the ruler in the second browser moves with it.
  • Layout views: View side-by-side either horizontally or vertically, or overlay mode.
  • Zoom: To select the level of magnification.
  • Multiple resolutions: Not yet available in this beta release, but will be included in future releases.
  • Thumbnail display: Previews a thumbnail at the bottom of each panel with a miniature map like view of the entire site so that you can quickly click on a different area of the page.

Das Ganze hat 250MB! Ich schaus mir mal an, hauptsache es zerschießt keine bestehende Installation.

In dem Artikel werden auch weitere Möglichkeiten genannt, wie man verschiedene Browser testen kann.


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März 19, 2009 um 7:06 am

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